09 June 2010

I live here

Come in. Please.
Yeah, it is a bit messy.
I did think about you coming here
and wondered whether I should
tidy up or something,
but I thought that would
tempt fate or something.
I didn't want to put on a show
and make you think I was
someone different.
Does it upset you that I didn't?
That I didn't make an effort,
didn't dress this place up for you?
I thought that you would like it,
to see me, warts and all
not hiding things, dirty things
and black holes
down the back of the sofa.
It makes you uncomfortable to
see that this room of my mind
is a mess, doesn't it?
Don't worry, it's been like this
for a while, it wasn't anything you did.
I kind of like it unkempt, at least,
I know where my wild things are.
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