25 June 2011

Edition #7: Sean Burn

Today I am presenting something different - a guest piece for Edition #7 of the blog Carnival >language>place.

 Artist Sean Burn honours us with an extract from his latest exhibition, semtxt.

semtxt. a sequence of one word visual poems. surrounded, often defined by words, we also use language to free ourselves. and language is alive as this exhibition shows. semtxt is a body of visual poetry in charcoal. it produces a backdrop akin to jackson pollocks drip paintings by furious action-writing and rewriting over and over repetitively to reclaim languages. this produces a layer of 'asemic' language - which you can look at but cannot 'read'. then a new word which collides existing words in new combinations is erased out of this dense layer of charcoal to comment on many aspects of contemporary life including medicine, mental health, media, nationhood, sexuality, warfare, family, environment etc. radical antipsychiatrists, deleuze/guattari talk about the lines of our life - both the formal ones - & also the more subliminal, that mark our unique voyages. i try following these ones in my work, giving voice to alternatives, these strategies for survival 

the exhibition runs 23rd june to 7th july 2011, at oriel beaufort, temple street, llandrindod wells. ld1 5hg. wales. It is open tuesdays and wednesdays 10am to 4pm, other times by appointment; telephone 01597-8222777 for further information.

See also http://www.celfogwmpas.org/www.celfogwmpas.org/Artist_in_Residence.html

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