12 March 2010

No tomorrow

Now he will not say even "Catch you tomorrow," but only that it is best we don't talk.  My heedless optimism in complaining about being switched off for a short time has been well and truly slapped down.
The trust that we can talk through things was broken, apparently by one flippant comment followed by a one word answer.  And even as I typed "whatever" I hated that I said it, such a cliché and now it will be accompanied by the sonorous knell of a relationship falling apart at long last.
This time he says we should not reply to each other, and that time will heal the pain, but he doesn't know how tightly I can cling onto it.
He says he hope things will go well for me, and he means that.  But if he has no intention of talking to me again he will never know how things are with me, so he cannot have any hope of it really.  He means he hopes I will leave him alone.

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