21 February 2010

Writing Challenge: Character studies

Lying in bed this morning, bemoaning my lack of inspiration to myself, I actually came up with an idea!  During the week, I tend not to write very much as my head is full of work; it takes me a few hours of non-work time to "come down" from the all the things buzzing round my head during the day.  Often the first day of the weekend is spent in a stupor, facebooking, reading, watching dvd's.  By the end of that day I am at least thinking about trying to write, and about what I would like to try out - realistic characters seem to evade me. 

And Lo! on the second day, especially after the longed for lie-in, my brain finally managed to link the two topics - as I made the logical leap from "write about what you know," through to "but I only know about work?"  I have been working in factory and office environments for a bit over fifteen years, so I should be able to come up with a few composite character sketches of people in a work environment.  I want to do something that both describes a person but also illustrates that persons character through an incident/piece of action. 

I aim to publish one character sketch per day for the following week, a target for myself which is a bit of a stretch - I have two written this morning, have a reasonable idea for another, and a fourth is only a name.  I'll be posting the characters here and on http://sixsentences.ning.com/ and I hope to do something different temporarily with the voting boxes to get some feedback on the characters!

Looking forward to it, mostly!

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