05 February 2010

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

I don't know her name.
Filtered through him I have random snippets of information about her, I know she has three kidneys and is several years younger than I am, I know where her parents live, that her sister has twins that went to the psychologist almost before they went to school.
I know that it is one year since she had to have her wisdom teeth out in hospital, because it shattered our plans to meet, paint the town red and fall into bed; this year, this weekend he goes to the hotel with her instead.
I know she is six foot tall, a better match for him there than I am, although it was someone else that told me this, explaining the day after the birth why their newborn girl was such a "long" baby.
He told me that she never gives him blow-jobs, after her first attempt at it many years ago went wrong; now a wicked joke between us that you could be a spit, swallow or snort type of girl. 
He told me so, but of all the things he told me I wonder if this last is true?
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