18 October 2017

059/100 days of aspirin

A normal day!
The 5:30am alarm, the hoisting out of bed and into the shower before your head has had much of a chance to wake up. A quick breakfast, interrupted by finishing off the packing and getting dressed. Not the leisurely hour long sort of breakfast I've been enjoying recently!
With the leg and the disuse of my "get up and get out" routine, it took me probably twenty minutes longer to leave the house, and get on the road.
The M5, extremely well travelled, passed in a blur of familiarity, and I was at Exeter services before I knew it. Which is nearing completion of it's renovation, though you now have to walk a long U shape to use the facilities, which seems backward to me. Product placement rules, no doubt.
And work, people glad to see me, me actually glad to see some of the people too. The usual frustrations, and a lot more standing up than I usually do.
Unfamiliar hotel, lots of steps, and the indoor pool too small to really swim in, so just did ankle exercises in the room. Feeling stiff, especially my back, and tired. No afternoon nap!
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