29 September 2017

040/100 days of aspirin

Yes, a sort of misstepped day again, following the pattern.

A work call, announcing a new sort of role opening up, potential opportunities to consider. However, followed up with an e-mail that implied that anyway, my workload and travelling would effectively be doubled. Discussed briefly with my boss and yes, that is the case, but I shouldn't feel devalued by it. I still do. Needs processing time to work out how it might work.

The call with my boss was cut short too, by the arrival of a parcel of wool, yippee! Beuatiful, beautiful, all the colours together. But when I sat down to plan out the blanket, I realised I had ordered two different weights of wool, and they wouldn't go together... Unfortunately that just meant I had to order more wool! I decided on a palette of blues, purples and reds which would tone with the aran weight wool, hoping for a stained glass window effect.

Much of the rest of the day was spent knitting. I rewatched a tv series about adultery, becasue the second series is on and I couldn't remember all the ins and outs of the first series. I wondered if I would get another weekend e-mail from my favourite adulterer.

The predicted afternoon rain held off until the evening, headed up to bed relatively early, to read.
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