18 September 2017

029/100 days of aspirin

And it's off!
I got to the hospital 40 minutes early, not knowing what the traffic would be like at that time of day, and my heart sunk as the waiting room was already crowded when I arrived. But in five minutes my name was called, and I was round in waiting room 2. Cast sawn off ten minutes after that and straight into X-ray.
All healing well according to the doctor, who wants me to put full weight on the leg by the end of the week.
I recognised so many faces at the Trauma clinic, staff and the occasional patient. I guess most of us will get a 1/2/4 week cycle of appointments so it's not that surprising. It's a powerful thing, the brain, so much processing power, facial recognition when there's no saying you'll ever see that face again.

Walking around the flat, just for the sake of it. I'm still holding a lot of my weight on the crutches, fearful of letting go, although I can stand unaided, stepping unaided is another thing entirely. Taking the boot off every couple of hours and stretching the ankle out - muscles, ligaments. It was pathetic how far it moved at the first attempt, but now I can move it in some directions much more freely. Aiming to catch up with the other foot.

I was all mentally set up to go outside for a walk too, 4pm, after the kids have left the school I could walk down the path and rest on a bench there if needed. And then the skies opened, so I put it off until tomorrow. Story of my life.
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