10 September 2017

021/100 days of aspirin

3 weeks in... time is slow today, after the excitement of my ring and two visitors yesterday, I just throw on the same dress and make my way to the sofa for knitting. A reheated sort of day - had two further portions of the lentil & chicken curry I cooked yesterday, microwaved. More portions to the freezer.

I watched tv a lot, hours of the overly earnest Professor Brian Cox discussing but not really explaining the wonders of the universe, all while travelling to some of the most beautiful spots on this planet. I watched a classic 80's movie, which was rather dull. I watched a gentle observational comedy about life on a hospital ward. I knitted.

My ring, which is supposed to help me stamp out thoughts of a possible future with R in it, at the moment is just reminding me of his absence from my life. An absence that he chose but I enforce. Oh well, as Scarlett says, Tomorrow is another day.
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