14 August 2017

Ellis 002

For Prediction fiction here
This weeks words: cower, feature, maggot

I rubbed my cheek and glanced in the mirror. Not a pretty sight, mascara featured heavily, just not where it was supposed to be. Worse was the churn of maggots chomping through my cognitive brain, I had only the vaguest impressions of last night remaining.

“Ellie,” called my boss, Jasper. “Come on!” as I hobbled to my apartment door.

* * *

“Ellie!” Jasper shook my shoulders, I must have crumpled to the laminate floor as I opened the door. I cowered at the sharpness in his voice.
“Ellie, this isn’t like you, what’s the matter?”

Dizziness, and the world blinked off again.
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