28 August 2017

008/100 days of aspirin

It's funny, how the taste of dispersible aspirin sends you back to childhood. Warm water from the kettle used to dissolve the fat tablet, fizzing limply, and then swallowing down lukewarm bitty bitterness. I don't really remember why I needed them, presumably for the pain of tonsillitis. Apart from that I was a pretty healthy child, that and my ears.

So it is a bit of a shock that I am confined, if not exactly bed-ridden. It's not as if I feel ill, or even much pain. Heaviness and aching and throbbing, yes. Lazy, too. As if I have too eagerly embraced the opportunity to sit and do very little for weeks.

I'm still on with the blanket, stitching the final section together at the table. Then it is finishing off the ends, and knitting an edging around the blanket. I am already planning the next one in my head, I don't think I can make a satisfyying landscape out of what I have, so will revert back to a sea-inspired abstract diamond shapes one.

Bank holiday here, and it's sunny and hot, with no breeze. The flat is relatively cool but I get flushed if I do something of more than minimal exertion. Writing it is then... two prediction pieces are complete and just need posting here. One 400 piece of the sea still to come...
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