01 June 2011

Still enjoying

the blog carnival edition #6, over at Glow Worm. This morning I have gone back and re-read the section Poetry playing at the edge. This afternoon, who knows which one(s) I will dip into. I love holidays, lazy days off work when everyone else is there, especially if they are not filled with strangely unshiny silver vertical rain, like yesterday.

And now, the call for submissions to edition #7 - the theme for edition #7 is "unwritten language / unnamed places"

How is spoken language different to the written word? How does an unknown language sound? How do you read the language of the body? How does music dovetail with language? Can pictures speak languages?

How do you remember places? Many of my favourite places are too small for names, so you have to describe them, "You know, the beach that appears at low tide, in that corner between the house and the pier with the stone steps, up the road from the coastguard station..."
Sometimes places become synonymous with language, this place is simply "beach" or "moor" or "city" or "home".
Some places may not have names, or may have too many names.   

The edition is planned for end of June, submissions are open from June 1st to June 24th. Click here for details about how to join in the Carnival. You do not have to send themed entries.

You can find out more about the carnival here, and more about it's originator, Dorothee Lang at her blog virtual notes. You can also find a complete listing of the editions on the >language>place page here.
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