20 May 2011

shades and shapes

A couple of weekends ago I went home, home to England, home to my parents house where I spent 15 years of my childhood, home to the English seaside in all its summery glory. It was 25°C in my current hometown, and even warmer in Amsterdam, flying through there. On the beach, although considerably cooler, it was warm enough for walking around in t-shirts; despite the overcast sky it did not rain until the pub lunch was finished and we were on our way back, skirting the industrial zones.

I took a bunch of photos on the beach, kids paddling bare legged under the struts of the pier in seemingly windswept surroundings, grandparents in parkas looking on. I usually avoid taking shots of people in pictures, I must have had some sort of social commentary running through my head as I was framing the pictures, but whatever it was evades me now that it has faded from my short term memory. I took one photo the year before of a young boy running and playing on the pier in a Superman outfit, it seemed that I would be able to do something with that picture, but as yet I have not. 

I am drawn instead to the muted pastel shades, and the shapes of the pier and cliffs. To how the sky looks sandy and how the sand looks full of sky. I must have looked at the picture dozens of times before noticing that there were people in it. I think I got rid of them all for the one below ;)

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