07 January 2011

on observance.

The river finally burst it's banks today.  It has been threatening for a couple of weeks, the black water (it is almost always night time when I cross the bridge) flirting with the snow, but with the last two days of rain, it finally happened when the ground had lost it's pale shroud.  Palely glimmering puddles had spilled onto the adjoining fields, their shade missed matching that of the metallic navy car in front of me by the thickness of a page.

I checked all these things because of my inability to observe & regurgitate in today's corporate workshop.  Perhaps because I had to digest information aurally, or whether the consultant/trainer's Texas drawl and lack of cultural awareness set me off, I was scratchy and irritated most of the afternoon.  Hey, at least I wasn't nodding off!  I picked fault with the statements she made and whispered under my breath to colleagues when she was talking, so I guess she was equally as resentful of my presence as I was, and it was no surprise that she picked me for the final role play of the day.  I dazzled the room with my consummate performance of a concerned manager.

Hoping to avoid yet more beautiful visual descriptions for today's small stone, all I can come up with is:-

chrysalis skin splits
not a mocking butterfly
but a consummate
actress emerges.
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