15 January 2011

ducks and rabbits

it is nice
weather for ducks
but the rabbits
are flooded out of their
bijou riviera homes
and pile their pellets
above the high water mark

more pictures here

Proof!  I did get off my arse this morning and go for a walk with a camera, to see the broken river.  Expanses of shiny beige water with silhouetted trees and a splotched sky made for some beautiful "mood" pictures, some good material for photoshop, for later.  Nearly home again, there is a small canal? river? stream?  I don't know quite what to call it, it is a couple of metres across and fast flowing through the town, but mostly banked in concrete, except for the small muddy island near the millwheel.  The water flows fast around one side of the island, but the ducks like to hang out on the quieter side, where they create the ripples, pushing their oiled breasts through the water.

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