03 April 2010

Where were you? challenge: Take me to your leader

The alien invasion of April 2nd, 2010 was a terrible disappointment to Regina & Dirk; both avid fans of sci-fi blockbuster films they were thrilled when the dull silver ellipse of a flying saucer appeared over the Dicker Turm in Görlitz amidst a burst of static noise.
"Oh, Dirk, will they be blue or green skinned, do you think?" Regina asked breathlessly, as they grabbed for their cameras and headed out to the riverbank, the largest open space in the city where a spaceship could safely land.  "Yes, where a spaceship could land!" she imagined telling the grandkids in many years time, "Yes, technically the land across the river was in Zgorzelec, Poland, but it always felt like the same city," even though that day it was eerily quiet and empty.
But the aliens that floated out from the belly of the ship looked like nothing but small neat bureaucrats, carefully combed hair, slicked down from a side parting; there was something extremely familiar about the alien at the front, short of stature, and yes, a short brush of dark tentacles above it's maw resembling a moustache.

"Come, cross the water as we Witz cannot, even over this structure; come take us to your leader," it projected, encouraging the citizens to march across the bridge into the neighbouring country.
Dirk said "Oh no Adolf, we're not getting tricked like that again," and not two minutes later the aliens and the saucer vanished from view; even to this day not a trace of the inhabitants of Zgorzelec have been found.

For the source of this challenge, and to see other reposnses please click here http://sixsentences.ning.com/forum/topics/where-were-you-challenge
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