06 April 2010

Where to though?

Time was running out. It was now 12 days since I had last mailed him; 8 days since he mailed me back. But the time was for sure ticking by. Perhaps I could look at it the other way round; time is running in... or up? It is getting richer and fuller and there are more things to do with time now that I am not waiting stupidly for him to contact me. That's the theory anyway. So why did I spend another 20 minutes today when I should have been working looking with aching eyes at the last mails? On my own in a quiet office, the sun on the windows soporific and sluggish like my thoughts. The sun runs through it's rutted arcs in the sky according to the seasons and perhaps so do I. Now is the season for looking around and realising time is running out. I wonder where to? Do I want to go there?

Posted at ThinkingTen in response to the Take it away Tuesday prompt:  Time was running out
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