04 April 2010

Candle designers

On the face of it, it shouldn't be too difficult a job, it's not as if there weren't several tried and tested designs or templates to pick from.
The red conical candle however had overflowed as it burnt down, the molten pool had run over the edge and from a flimsy beard was sluggishly feeding a little wax butterfly on the tablecloth.
The pale yellow egg shaped ones, specially chosen for Easter were very pretty, the wick now about half way down inside the egg so that they glowed with an inner light.  But the waste, the shell of useless wax left behind bothered her; and more unsettling that someone had deliberately designed them to leave so much left over.  Perhaps she could source some wicks, then she could carefully melt and swirl the remnants together, and a new raspberry ripple pillar candle would be created, that would burn straight down and true, the two separate candles saved from uselessness and melded into a new life together.
She snorted at the ridiculously romantic fantasy, and dug the ice-cream out of the freezer, stirring in meringue pieces and extra sauce, settling down with the latest novel and it's swashbuckling anti-hero.
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