03 March 2010

The days pass

Today he is unfettered and alone; he sits naked in the cool sheets in his Eastern European hotel room and messages her to pass the time.
Tomorrow she will be alone at home and feeling desperate; swallowing down the urge to contact him and spill her sorrow; she is sure he will not help so she will drink and shut the world out, cork the feelings in.
Today though she messages him back; he tells her about how swollen his cock is and how he thinks of her lips on it, no not those lips, the others.
The day after tomorrow she will pretend it is all in the past, that she only misses that she has no special person to turn to when she has a bad day, it's not that she misses him and him only.
Tomorrow he will be in the bar alone, since she told him she would not talk to him that night; he drinks some of the local beer to be friendly, smiles at the barman but there is no-one he can have a conversation with.
The day after tomorrow he will travel home to be with his wife and child again; he is puzzled when she tells him she assumed that a few moments relief thinking of her would make it difficult for him to go back and be the family man.

Wow!  this submission was accepted to the 6S Blog publication on 03/03/2010
Pleased as punch!
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