27 February 2010

Persistence of memory

A couple of days ago I pasted a status update on facebook and quickly, two responses came, from people I used to work with and with whom I would be more friendly if I lived in the same country.

jkdavies left work 4hrs ago and is still stressed...

  • "That's natures way of telling you to open that second bottle of red"
  • "Nothing's changed there then? Crack open another and chill!"
And though I hadn't seen either of them for 3+ years, they both correctly predicted I had already managed a nice bottle of red wine and was contemplating the next... 
Was this persistence of memory, were they picturing me the way I was when I last met them? 
Or was it perhaps a persistence of personality, am I now at that age where my thoughts become set and changing my habits is as likely as the wakening of a coma patient?

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