26 February 2010

Character Study: Hendrik

Hendrik stood at the window of his office waiting for Loukas to get to some sort of point where a response was required from him, thinking "God but Claire had looked hot today"; it was the hair blowing across her mouth that got him going, remembering her spitting it out unaffectedly when it got in the way, and afterwards he'd played with it, twisting it in his hands. 
Natalie had twiddled with her hair in the meeting today, but with Natalie you always got the sense she was holding out for something, Claire was so straight forward and smutty, way more fun.
"Oh shit," Hendrik thought, "I really shouldn't be thinking about her, them, whatever, what was that saying, yeah, why eat a burger when you have steak at home," and although his wife had felt like prime steak at one time, cold meat in bed each night just didn't do it for him.
Hendrik tried to concentrate on what Loukas was saying to keep his brain from tingling and feeding the swell of his burgeoning erection with every pulsing heartbeat, tried to keep his awareness away from the tightening space around his groin as his train of thoughts followed the natural progression; he was being told something about offices being disturbed, things being moved or going missing, the need to be vigilant, but it wasn't really helping...
After a while, when Loukas had gone, he wondered if he should he call Claire, but guessed it would be like the last time he'd tried to rekindle the passion; weirdly it was she who had decided enough was enough and they should quit before one or other of them got bored or too attached, even more weird that she had stuck to it despite the odd determined campaign on his side.
What the hell, he turned his attention back to the flirtatious chat messaging, although it wasn't Claire, he liked the uncritical admiration, maybe another short distracting fling was what he needed right now?

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