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real/fake trees in Siegburg, Germany:-

  jkdavies: January 2011

Typhoon in Tokyo, Japan:-

jkdavies: October 2010

Buildings in New Orleans, USA:-

jkdavies: September 2010.  More at Davies go HoW.

Beach/Triangles at Dovercourt, England:-

jkdavies: August 2010.  For Muriel.

Rust patterns in Connemara, Ireland:-


jkdavies:  June 2010

Fish in Negombo, Sri Lanka:-

jkdavies:  September 2009

Winter in Siegburg, Germany:-

jkdavies: January 2010

Spring in Saltburn, England:-

jkdavies: April 2010

Boats in Negombo, Sri Lanka:-

jkdavies:  September 2009


  1. These are fantastic - a real joy to behold and I shall return when next in need of uplifting

  2. wow! Nice pictures. Sometimes pictures speak thousand words.

  3. Fantanstic pictures! You do have an eye for shape and texture.


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