25 October 2017

066/100 days of aspirin

Back to the English Riviera again this evening, after a warm and bright autumn day. I'd planned to do three days this week but feeling strong enough to extend it by another half day, partly for venal reasons of getting paid, and partly because there is work that needs doing.
I carried the crutch down into town, using it only at a leaf strewn junction. My calf muscles strained at the hill on the way back, the broken leg less than the other. Partly favouring it, and partly because I spend a lot of time stretching it out, I guess.
I still can't manage the single leg heel raise, but am managing a heel raise with around two thirds of my body weight on the bad leg. Painful across the (I assume) tendons below the ankle bone.
The occasional shooting pain in my thumb - nerve pain? - has been less noticeable today too.

All in all, progress still being made. Even with the heart. After calling out what seemed like a pattern of duty mails as difficult for me, I got the "I thought this was what you wanted" response. Then today the "I thought this was best for you." Riled and yet more indifferent at the same time. Let the past wash away.
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