20 October 2017

061/100 days of aspirin

A much more relaxed day today. Worked for an hour or so in the morning (avoiding the video option on the conference call due to stonking bed-hair), and then had a nice long bath. Knitted a ball of each of the "red wine" and "midnight blue" wool up, only "sailor blue" to go and I am around a third of the way through the next blanket.
More focus in the exercises today, I am just about able to do a heel lift on my bad leg only, but only for a centimetre or so off the floor. Not able to hold the weight to get me up to tiptoes yet. Hopefully by the time I go to the physio next - nine days away.
Thinking about swimming in the Olympic pool, but mainly thinking about slipping over on the long walk over wet tiles to the larger quieter pool, it's putting me off going to be honest. What I can't decide is whether that it is good to be cautious or if I should turn around and face/overcome that fear. Caution won out this time.
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