03 August 2016


In the beginning, of course, there was only myself, the divine Iramanu. Full of divine will. Full of creative bursts; like eating too many beans, I farted out the universes in a shower of lightning dusts.
Matter coalesced and burst apart again, I tried to count the stars on my heavenly abacus, but it became boring after a few aeons, so I animated some matter and gave it names.

Well, next thing I knew, they’d multiplied, the damn child-things were running around in the voids and pushing galaxies at each other in play. I separated them out, pulled up the shutters around each universe and left them in solitary.

Hmm, they’d learnt from me, those godlings of mine, and started animating matter of their own, tiny things, placed on specks, worlds orbiting the stars I had gifted them. They changed their universes as was their wont. Terry decided his would be carried on the back of a turtle; Ra the All Seeing’s universe collapsed as the amount of information generated by his beings superseded the ability of any molecular system to store or manage the information. And then Shaitan’s matter-beings managed to find ways to open the universe cages I had made and punch through into others.

Things had gotten so messy, what could I do? Those kids of mine needed to be taught a lesson, and all I could think of was starting over. I needed to learn from my mistakes, try not to get bored next time around and not give into the temptation of creation. One of the worlds held wyverns, a sinuous tornado shaped creature, with a fiery spirit. I took this form and shadowed all the stars and willed the Big Crunch to start.

After, I flickered my singed tail. What next?

My first attempt at a "storycubes" prompt

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