31 July 2015

papersquare 002: Marking time

A friend told me, you need to cut off all contact, for at least six months, in order to get someone out of your system.  It is six months and five days today.  I was waiting for the time to be up, counting the days.  I knew at all times exactly how long there was to go to the deadline.  I know I have waited those extra five days, and I am proud of that, exceeding the promise I made myself.

How many times have I written to you in my head though?  Wanting to say something that makes you wish for me.  No, not wish for me, but actually do something, take a step towards me.  That's all I ever wanted from you.  It didn't happen in these six months.

I can't say that you are out of my system yet.  I do think of you every day, but I won't take a step towards you today. I hope I won't tomorrow.

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