28 March 2010

Catching up

Long break, but pretty much over the jet lag now; so tired yesterday in the supermarket I felt drunk, unable to answer even the simplest of queries from the cashier.  While travelling with my notebook in theory allowed me to write, in practice precious little got done.
I looked at the Pen 10 challenge, "Every heart has a skeleton" and thought, yeah, I could do that, but since my heart at the moment seems only to be a skeleton, there wasn't much to flesh out any ideas I had there...
I looked at the 6S challenge, "A sexy touch" and was put off by the cliched photo of a stockinged leg on a (hotel) bed.  For me, a sexy touch is a question, there must be uncertainty about the next step, or next touch, or next intention.  Can I do this?  What do you want?  Is it OK if I touch you like this?  Do you like that?  Sexiness is about exploration, about surprise, about questions; and I am not communicating with the person I want to ask those questions of.
Here's hoping I can get into a better writing routine now I've returned.
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