23 December 2009

Winter evening

Today, leaving her apartment she noticed that winter had advanced several steps since yesterday.  The pond was only discernable from the hummocky outline of the snow covered stones around it's perimeter; the day before it had reminded her of cheap winter camouflage, gelid pale grey, darker grey where the water was deepest and patches, drifts of snow on top of the ice. 
The air was less chilled though, it was poised, waiting to release the next snowfall.
At the Christmas market she indulged in people watching while waiting for her friend, parents enjoying the gluhwein, a cigarette, a chat with an occasionally seen friend or neighbour.  Toddlers chubby with winter clothing; a larval stage between child and sleeping bag; ran and slid around in the snow, climbing onto their little sleds and falling off the other side again, laughing as they came into contact with the powdery snow.
As the warm wine glowed through her insides to heat her skin, the sky let go of its burden of snowflakes, dotting peoples clothes and heads.
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