14 December 2009


Why do I struggle to remember your face?  Yes, of course I have photographs I can look at, snatched pictures, although none from the time we were together, and certainly none of us together; you'ld never even know we'd been in the same room...  And yes they capture your physical likeness, but why can I not picture you in front of me?
I try to bring memories to the front of my mind, but although you are there, you are also strangely absent.  The time I picked you up at the airport and you noticed my bald tyres, and after searching for and finding a garage we had to spend an hour or so hanging round the reception area smelling of rubber and cheap coffee; when all I wanted to do was pull you to me, oblivious of anyone else.  But I didn't, and you didn't either, and now I wonder where you are while I cling to shards of the sunnier past.
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