25 November 2009

songs that go round your head

There are so many cliches about cheap pop music and it's ability to move you... when I find a song that chimes with my mood it is so difficult to let it go in order to let other thoughts or ideas into my head
I feel like I'm invisible
And of course there is a selective filter going on, as I am picking the "ear-worms" that go with my mood, but sometimes songs or phrases stay in my head for days or weeks whether I like them or not.
If you like it then you shouldda put a ring on it
You treat me like I'm not really there
And you don't really care
2 weeks on holiday with Beyonce stuck in my head was not something I chose, but even I have to admit that the Uh Uh Oh chorus was somehow catchy
It aint going nowhere
Of course the internal narrative just glosses over the lyrics I don't know, or it loops back to a part I do. Sometimes, even with songs I know I get stuck in a loop and can't remember the next line, or how to get to the chorus
And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain
I suppose they fill a need to keep the brain moving but without thinking too deeply on the situation. Phrases work the same sometimes - I assume Richard Dawkins has probably already patented 'The Selfish Meme'
And you don't really care
I know this romance it aint going nowhere
Welcome to oblivion... all of my thoughts collide
And they stay in your head for such a long time... when a song plays that I haven't heard in 10, 15, more years, I can still sing along to the words, not like it was yesterday but with better than 90% recall...
And now you've disappeared somewhere Like outer space
I thought for a long time that it would be great to be able to put revision to music, so all you have to do is hum the tune in your head and all your Physics 'O' level stuff comes flooding back... but I suppose it's as much about the words and the music together
I feel like I'm invisible
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