What does the >language>place carnival mean to me? I think Michael Solender put it most succinctly when he described it as being about "belonging and connections". It is about linking up with people around the world who have at heart a love of language, and an expression of my admiration for people writing, living in a language not their own. I recognise that although I do not live in my native country, I am far from being fluent in Germany, my adopted country, in either language or culture. Sometimes language is all about barriers, and sometimes I am looking for barriers; this carnival helps me realise that I don't need to build them, that I can connect with people who have similar experiences.

  • edition #07:  Practice Makes Perfect
    The theme is "unwritten language, unnamed places". The permanent page is here

  • edition #06:  Glow Worm
    Language and place on the edge

    At the center of everything we touch, everything we do.
    At the heart of who we are.
    And yet, the edge is where the action is.
    It’s at the edge where you’ll find movement and change, trial and challenge.
    The edge of reality, the edge of existence.
    The leading edge of life, the trailing edge of memory.
    The center is important, yes, but the edge is where we make discoveries.

  • edition #05:  Parmanu
    The Museum of Language & Place, like other museums, has rooms and exhibits. Unlike other museums, however, this one lets you move directly from one room to any other. Each room has one exhibit; there are 18 exhibits and 21 rooms. (I’ll let you discover where the remaining rooms lead to.)
    Entry is free. All you need is curiosity. And time.
    my entry:  be careful what you wish for

  • edition #04:  tasting rhubarb
    The contributions to this fourth edition of the blog carnival trace a meandering, creative, self-reflective path through the vicissitudes of place and language. Some point in particular to an expansion of or challenge to identity: "another language, another place, another self". If the section headers are like street signs, these are streets that intersect and double back.

  • edition #03:  Not from here, are you?The journey takes on a decidedly familiar stop this edition as bloggers were asked to think about their posts in terms of belonging. Specifically they were asked to share stories of where they felt they most belonged:-
      >  Amongst those who they understood?
      >  Surrounded by friends?
      >  In the midst of chaos?
      >  Wherever they were at that very moment?
      >  Home - wherever that happened to be?
    my entry:  where I live/lwhere I love

    • edition #02:  Meditations in an Emergency
      The second edition of > Language > Place blog carnival features over 20 writers from around the world. It unfolds between directions, detours and codes to arrive at fictive domains that are made real by the yearning for souls adrift. The journey continues, looking into private places and eccentricities, to trace slipping boundaries and the sense of one's ever shifting homes.
      my entry:  musings on travelling

    • edition #01:  virtual notes
      This first edition of this blog carnival crosses borders, reflects on (m)other tongues, tells city stories, delves into the beauty of language, finds a home abroad, ponders on the relation between identity and language, and gets lost and found in translation. It includes more than 20 participating blogs from all over the world!

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